Thoughtful Way Becomes a Matter

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Thoughtful Way Becomes a Matter

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To improve the results of the first concept and avoid the second, Miramón recommended: Properly work the contents of our web pages through a type structure: start with a summary, continue with a development of the topic and end with a conclusion that is useful to the user. Quality content and UX (user experience). Properly work the contents focusing on “entities”. As always, page load speed is paramount. website structure Kiko Pascual explained to us how web architecture is essential to achieve good results in SEO. We must take into account: The organization and information focused on a specific type of user.

That the web has usability (UX) and that the user feels comfortable and easily finds what he is looking for. On the other hand, the web is a living entity and will very possibly grow in the future, so we must think about planning its architecture in the event that it grows. Link Profiles César Aparicio shared Fax Lists with us how to carry out an audit and a strategy of external and internal links. Audit of external links: -Do not always link the same URLs with the same anchor text. -Do not link with the exact anchor text and that this link must always be in a semantic context, never isolated. 2. Internal link audit: -Pay close attention to the depth levels of the urls.


External linking strategy: -Avoid being linked to penalized domains and no matter how good the domain is, if it is linking you at a huge level of depth, in the end it can be harmful. -Be careful with shared and temporary articles and also with contradictions such as sponsored links and follow. 4. Internal linking strategy: -Above all, maintain coherence and a good content structure between the links (we emphasize again the importance of the concept of “entity” in the link. He also offered us some advice on linking, such as: not going too fast, how it is possible that a "good" domain can provide us with a poor quality link and vice versa.
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