Guild Rules of Conduct
  1. Have FUN, if you are not having fun, change the way you play, find another guild or quit playing.
  2. No arguing, petty fighting or complaining about another guildmate in guild/raid chat. If you have a problem with someone in guild, talk in tells and if you cannot get the issue resolved, contact an officer for intervention. The guild will NOT tolerate arguing in guild OR raid chat. You will be warned and if you continue, removed.
  3. Although we are a relaxed guild and dont frown on the occasional foul word, we do not allow the harsher curse words in guild chat.
  4. New members will be on a probation of 30 days upon joining the guild. During this time you can not request items from the guild treasury or raids. You can, however, attend raids and receive loot from the raids depending on loot rules. This is a time to get to know members and us to get to know you, spend time with our members as much as possible.
  5. There will be no breaking of EQ PNP including but not limited too scamming of other players by word or deed, KSing, intentional training etc... This also includes being mean to people and bickering in shouts (slaps his own hands) There are NO exceptions to this rule.
  6. Order of Reverent Mirth is a guild developed out of friendships and respect for each other. Because of this, the guild is ran like a democracy with all members having a vote and/or say in decisions. You must show your respect for this by wearing your guild tag at all times, /roleplay if you don't want to be found.
  7. Do NOT beg for rezzes, power leveling and/or ports in guild chat. Asking is fine but we suggest finding out if you can get a rez from group or someone in zone first. Our clerics and porters are not sitting around doing nothing waiting for you to ask them for help. Of course, if you cannot find a rez or port and one is free I have no doubts they will rush to your aid.
  8. There will be no harassing other members to help with an epic. If you want to work on your epic post it on the website. Obviously those certain mobs that are killed quickly can be mentioned in guild chat when they are up to see if we have the firepower.
  9. You must check the website on a regular basis (at least once a week). You don't have to post but read posts and keep your character(s) up to date.
  10. Do not share your password for the Order of Reverent Mirth website with anyone.
  11. You must remain active in game or on website. If you are inactive in game and on website for more than 60 Days without informing us why you will be marked inactive. At the time you become active you are welcome back in and put back to full member(on website).
**More rules may be added from time to time it is up to your to keep informed of the Guild Rules as ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for breaking a rule**

Remember, this guild has a good reputation on Cazic/Fennin Ro, we would like you to think about your actions before you do them as people will remember the guild tag and not your name.